Friday, June 10, 2011

@Lazy article@

The worst thing happen in my life, i have no mood to study,to do anything, to watch something, to compliment something and the worst part is i dont care what people think of me. Oh!This is shit!WTF!(please remind yourself to think positive yea, WTF means World Taekwondo Federation..hahaha..)
The one who should be blame is you yourself, coz the way you think describe your personality and your characteristic.
Supposely, i should be home sitting in front of my television, eating ice cream, typing sms, and sleep,sleep,sleep and sleep. But now,i'm doing shortcourse, just one subject. Actually, i'd adrenaline to take shortcourse during semester break, but now i dont feel like doing anything. I'm kind of mood depressed, i dont feel to study anymore. In my brain, there is something whispered and told me to find a job..Haha..Eventhough i'm eager to study, to develop my skill, to finish my study ontime. But can you imagine, what we can get when we are working? There so much we can learn when we work. So, after i'm finish my shortcourse, i want to find a job. And i have 2 months to gather more knowledge and experience. Coz experience and knowledge are the treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

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